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Learning that one of your works of art has been included in a publication, or that you have won a contest with it, is the most amazing, satisfying feeling in the world!  I remember the first time I had a piece published.  I was in happy tears and squealing like a little girl!  The same thing happened when I found out I won a challenge contest!  It’s a huge, huge honor!

Living the Photo Artistic Life Magazine

Living the Photo Artistic Life magazine is a publication for Awake students. It’s an online magazine that is free to view, but prints can also be purchased. It has been nothing but an honor to find my art work along side those of some highly talented artists. Please look through the entire magazine so you can see for yourself the incredible talent of my fellow photo artists!

My images have been published in the following magazine issues:

Living the Photo Artistic Life Issue 19

Living the Photo Artistic Life Issue 21

Living the Photo Artistic Life Issue 22

Living the Photo Artistic Life Issue 23


RAWexchange is an awesome store where I get some of my models, backgrounds, light rays and other various digital resources. Some of my images have been included in their showcases!

Shift Art

I was beyond thrilled to learn that I had won the October 2016 challenge!


I hope you enjoy viewing my gallery.  All of my art is available for purchase through ArtBoja.  Not everything in this gallery is listed for sale at this site yet, but if there is something you see that you would like to purchase, please contact me and I will make it available as soon as possible.

Moody and Fantasy



Collage Style

Light and Bright

Nature and Such

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Living the Photo Artistic Life Magazine Issue 23

Living the Photo Artistic Life Magazine Issue 23

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“I Got No Style”

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Art is Therapy

Art is Therapy

Jan 11 2017

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About Artbeat Images


After a thirteen year hiatus from a nearly ten year career in graphic design, I decided to pick up digital scrapbooking.  The excitement I felt from learning everything that I never learned prior snowballed until I became obsessed with digital art.  Learning my craft has been an exhilarating experience, one I wouldn’t trade for anything!

My style is very eclectic – I can bounce from soft pastels to grunge to downright dark and eerie!  What I create depends 100% on my mood.  I tend to find when I create from my heart is when I make my best pieces.

I live in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York State in Montour Falls which is near Watkins Glen.  A lot of my art is derived from images taken from this very area.  However, since my husband and I travel, you will find subject matters from other various places, especially lighthouses from Oswego, New York and Maine!

Outside of my website, I am currently exhibiting and displaying my art at the Franklin Street Gallery and Gift Shop in Watkins Glen, New York and The Village Shops in Fulton, New York.


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