Please note that I am not affiliated with any of the links listed here.  I receive no payment if you click on these links.  These are simply included to inform you of where I have received my training.

Photoshop Artistry, Fine Art Grunge Composition

In December 2016, I was fortunate to come across the class Photoshop Artistry taught by Sebastian Michaels.  Not only do you get top notch instructional videos, but you get a wealth of resources like textures, models and other sorts of photography, which are well worth the entire cost of the class.   You will learn the basics of Photoshop and how to create stunning imagery with your photos.   From this class, you will have the opportunity in January and July to get in on the most amazing class of all – Awake – but you have to be a student of Photoshop Artistry first.

Shift Art

Another amazing subscription-based class I am enrolled in is Shift Art.  Shift Art is run by Andrei Tallent, and tutorials by some of the most talented digital artists are included.  There is a paid subscription and some content is available for free.  An exciting part of being a member of Shift Art is the challenges.  These have helped my creativity grow!

Brooke Shaden at CreativeLive

I am currently obsessed with Brooke Shaden’s work. The link provided above is only one of the classes she offers.  There are a few others, so check it out!


Other places where I have learned things are Udemy and RAWexchange tutorials as well as the usual place everyone looks first – Youtube.