Living the Photo Artistic Life Magazine Issue 23

January 15, 2017

This month’s issue (Issue 23) of Living the Photo Artistic Life has just been released!  It’s an amazing magazine that members enrolled in the Awake class can submit to and hope to be published.  Artists await eagerly for this day to see if their art was selected.

I remember very well the first time I submitted to the magazine and was given the biggest honor ever! I couldn’t go past the cover.  I was afraid to click the arrow opening to the Table of Contents.  My heart was pounding against my chest, my hands shook, I felt sick to my stomach.  What if I opened that page and my name wasn’t listed there?  Sure, my life would go on.  Of course it would.  But there would have been disappointment, for sure.

After finally getting the courage up to click that arrow, I didn’t see my name.  I was bummed.  But then something made me look again.  There my name was! It was shortened, because I am a chick with a very long last name and there wasn’t room for the whole thing in that column.  No wonder I didn’t recognize it off the bat.

After finally seeing my name, my first reaction was to freeze.  I froze right there on the spot.  Then within a matter of seconds, I was out of my chair, jumping up and down, arms waving all over the place, tears streaming down my face trying to call my husband over to look at my computer screen.  He came running out of his office, freaked out because he thought something was wrong (I am sure I looked like an idiot).  The words coming from my mouth were definitely unintelligible!  They really weren’t words at all, but rather a string of high pitched squeals.  I was on a high for the rest of that day (I was headed to have injections stuck in my back.  Now that I am remembering this, this could explain why I felt no pain from this batch of injections!)

Once again this month, I am incredibly honored to have been included in this issue, this time with one of my other styles than is usually included! I am on Page 8, but please don’t stop looking there.  You will be amazed by the art included by other artists.  The Letter From the Editor this month (as is every month) is most definitely well worth the read, too!


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