Please note I am not affiliated with any of these businesses.  I receive no payment if you click on these links.  This information is provided to give credit to those whose wonderful model images I have used in my creations.

A lot of my content comes directly from the Photoshop Artistry, Awake and Kaizen classes I am taking, and unfortunately one can’t access some those resources without being a member of the class.  So, what are you waiting for?


Caroline Julia Moore

Caroline Julia Moore, or CJM to those of us who know her, is an amazing digital artist who does a lot of her own photography to fit her artistic vision.  The only way to have access to these beautifully photographed models is to be a member of Photoshop Artistry, which leads to Awake and then finally Kaizen.  CJM has also created many excellent tutorials at Shift Art.  Check out her website to see her amazing creations!




Colby Files

Colby Files is one place where you can purchase the beautiful models I have used in my work that you can use in your own work!  There is even a life-time access option.  He is also very well known in our Photoshop Artistry circle of friends as supplying high-quality images of beautiful models.






Sebastian Michaels

I use images of Sebastian’s Syndey quite a lot in my work.  She has that sweet look that appeals to me for some of my not-so-dark art.  Some of his other models have been introduced in a few of my pieces.  Yet more of his images have been used to create backgrounds to set the stage.  Sebastian’s images, to the best of my knowledge, are also only available from Photoshop Artisty.





Another amazing place for model images is RAWexchange.  I love this store not only for the models, but all the other amazing resources for my digital art creations!


Places like Pixabay, Unsplash and Morgue Files (as well as others) are public domain sites where you can use the images in your own works of art.